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Focused, high capacity density, ultrafast broadband meeting transient connectivity requirements

End user speeds up to 300Mbps, Enterprise up to 1Gbps

The first multifunctional satellite constellation, providing the highest capacity density with true Gigabit speeds, Anytime, Anywhere !


Our vision is to fulfil the growing, global, transient requirements for ultrafast satellite broadband connectivity and Space Domain Awareness to complement various communications infrastructures.

The Premise

High-capacity focused broadband will increasingly be required for short and long-term demand-driven frequently changing locations, the protection of space assets, and for critical infrastructures, which will fundamentally rely on information collected from space-based sensors.

Over 2.8 Billion people

have no internet access

Methera Vision Graphic

The protection of space assets

is becoming critical

The Methera System

MEO Constellation
of up to 128 satellites

Low-Cost User Terminals

Global Network Access

128 satellite constellations

Two service areas delivered per satellite (through Static or Dynamic beam placement), providing the highest capacity density, delivering up to 40Gbps total throughput, operating 60⁰ inclined across 4 orbital planes at 19,500km in Ka-Band, Q/V and W bands.

LCUT user terminal

A family of low-cost user terminals to address MEO, LEO and GEO satellite services, delivering 300Mbps to home users through a 60cm terminal and 1Gbps to enterprise users through a 1.2m terminal.

Global Network

A global network of ground and service partners, enabling access to a wide range of satellite services from anywhere on the earth.

Key System Benefits

Methera Strategy

The Methera Team

Executive Team


Chris McIntosh.png

Chris McIntosh


MBA, Msc,E.Eng

Dave Robson.png

Dave Robson

Founder & CTO

PhD, MA(Oxon)

Martin Fawley.png

Martin Fawley

Program Director

BSc Mathematics

Greg Wieczorek.png

Greg Wieczorek

Business Development

Business & Finance

Non Executive Team

Global Presence

David Gilmore

Founder, BSc (Eng.), CEng
40+ years in Space Leadership

Dame Susan Owen DCB

Former Permanent Secretary,
Dept. of Culture, Media & Sport

Andy Bradford

Renowned Independent
Space Industry Consultant

Brendan Forster

Angel investor and entrepreneur

Pradeep Unni

Technology angel investor & satellite industry professional

Global Coverage

Career Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming part of the Methera team, please contact us at or via Linkedin.

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