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Services and Solutions

Ultrafast Broadband Services

 ultra fast broadband

Each Methera satellite delivers two service areas with the highest capacity density and up to 40Gbps total throughput, allowing regional partners to deploy and deliver ultrafast Ka-band broadband services to home and enterprise users as well as to support government digital roll-out projects.

Mobile and Data Services


Methera’s high throughput constellation enables telecom operators to scale all mobile & data service needs, whether serving a single POP, multiple 4G, 5G or 6G cell towers for backhaul and trunking, data centre and digital transaction needs, or ensuring swift content delivery to the network edge.

Space Domain Awareness (SDA)

space domain awareness

The Methera orbit provides unique access to information on targets from altitudes of 500km – 36,000km enabling detection, monitoring and prediction of trajectories of man-made and natural space objects to protect critical space Assets and deliver SDA solutions for interference management, space debris monitoring, geolocation, and in-orbit relay services.

Services and Solutions

Government Services

gov services

Methera’s high throughput satellites with on-demand dynamic beam placement make it a perfect solution for Government services and special users needing rapid deployment anywhere and anytime with the ability to hide in plain sight.

Video Services

video services

Methera addresses growing video industry needs by enabling creators to rapidly contribute content direct from on-site and filmsets anywhere at Gbps transfer speeds.

Payload Hosted Services

payload services

Methera’s Payload Hosting Services (PHS) is an alternative to a proprietary satellite development and launch, supporting rapid deployment, in-orbit testing or permanent sensing and monitoring for missions such as weather and environmental, government and other special users, providing a cost-efficient option with basic services where required, to support any passenger payload, whilst limiting interference through Methera’s unique route diversity.

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