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Feb 2022

Space Agencies Invest in Methera Led Low Cost User Terminal Programme

Oct 2021

Methera is delighted to announce, in conjunction with the European, UK and Norwegian space agencies (UKSA, ESA and NOSA), the receipt of a €6.5m grant towards a major and innovative programme to develop a family of low-cost satellite user terminals. This initiative will directly support the Methera constellation and other MEO, GEO and LEO systems. It will not only make Broadband Internet more accessible for all but also enable more innovative service opportunities through major cost, performance and availability improvements. Methera has partnered with Global Invacom Ltd, Riverbeck Ltd and TSAT AS to create a strong and experienced consortium to design, develop and deliver the system. 


The project will support the growth of a number of UK companies including those directly involved in the project and through the supply chain that will be created once the product goes to market. 


Chris McIntosh, CEO Methera said:  


“Access to affordable and high-speed broadband connectivity anytime and anywhere in the world is a key Methera tenet; dramatically reducing terminal costs is therefore essential to deliver significant competitive and performance benefits to Internet connectivity service providers and, more importantly, to the ever-increasing population who fall on the wrong side of the digital divide.  


“The support from ESA, the UKSA and the NOSA is a firm endorsement of our business strategy. This grant will accelerate implementation of the Methera Broadband Service and directly increase the utility of satellite broadband connectivity. In addition to the space agencies and our consortium partners, I must also thank the Seraphim Space Camp team for their excellent strategic advice and support, that directly assisted our grant application and approach.” 

India & UK Space Companies Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Jan 2021

In an official online ceremony this week, Methera Global Communications Ltd, the UK based MEO satellite constellation start-up, and Telecommunication Consultants India Ltd, a Government of India enterprise specialising in ground segment installation and integration exchanged their signed MOU. This strategic relationship ceremony was officiated by key representatives of the UK government’s Department for International Trade.

The two organisations shall be working together on a variety of complex and significant projects in India, Asia and Africa over the coming months and years utilising Methera’s upcoming constellation of MEO satellites as well as existing satellite and terrestrial infrastructure. The Methera broadband system will deliver multi-Gbps wholesale Internet connectivity to targeted underserved and emerging regions of the World. Providing the highest density coverage of current and planned satellite systems, Methera can light up entire regions with much needed high speed Internet connections, aiding governments and telecom service providers to build sustainable, regional and national economic growth that will positively change lives and directly reduce the digital divide around the globe. 


“This is a major international partnership combining the ground segment integration expertise and longstanding experience of TCIL with our novel, dynamic and high speed satellite constellation. The potential is truly limitless. We are really excited to work together to bring new connectivity and business opportunities to India and other nations around the World.”, Chris McIntosh, CEO, Methera Global.


“We see a great opportunity tying up with Methera to extend our services globally.”, “This project is very exciting and going to open up new vista and horizons for the telecom industry for years to come.” Rajiv Gupta, Chairman & Managing Director and Director (Projects), TCIL


“I would like to congratulate Methera Global and TCIL on this partnership focused on exploring opportunities in both India and global markets. The UK is committed to partnering with India to seize opportunities from Space technologies for the benefit of societies. We look forward to seeing an increase in these types of partnerships developing between our two countries in 2021 and beyond.''

Niall Ahern – First Secretary, Advanced Manufacturing – Department for International Trade, India

Delivering broadband to emerging countries - Insight Magazine, Space Edition, SH Gillamor Stephens

Jul 2020

Celebrating the diversity of New Space companies, an interview with Chris McIntosh, CEO, Methera Global

Time for Launch - How Government Can Take Advantage of the Space & Satellites Opportunity - report

Sep 2019

Case Study: Transforming Oil & Gas Exploration - p.31 of report

Spacetech is Suffering from Dead Men's Shoes

13 Sep 2019

The Space Sector is still largely dominated by old, white men who are reluctant to venture outside the status quo. This is having an impact on not only on innovation but also holding back younger, more than capable professionals entering the ecosystem who want to make a real difference.

Methera Global selected for Seraphim Space Camp Accelerator

16 May 2019

Methera Global has been selected as one of 7 space industry start-ups by Seraphim Capital to participate in its Space Camp Mission 3 Accelerator

New Brand Identity for Methera Global

15 February 2019

Methera Global Communications Ltd, the UK based MEO satellite constellation that will deliver multi-Gbps wholesale Internet connectivity to targeted underserved and emerging regions of the World, is pleased to announce its new brand identity. The new brand consists of a green and blue logo representing the Earth and sky, and technology as a change for good.


“This is a positive addition to the Methera story as we mature from a start-up organisation to the next level of growth and gear up for our satellite procurement and launch” explained Chris McIntosh, CEO for Methera Global.


“This builds upon our growing team of experienced satellite industry professionals and our ITU filings and the market acceptance of our offering in the areas of the World that are still without any or good Internet connectivity.”


“The high density coverage that we will provide can light up entire regions, aiding governments and telecom service providers to build sustainable regional and national economic growth that positively changes lives”, says McIntosh.

MEO startup Methera plans "high density" HTS constellation

3 August 2018

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ESA Support to the Methera Led Low Cost User Terminal Programme

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